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About Body Poem

Body Poem is a synthesis of Body Focusing, Clean Language, and Dream Form that has evolved developed by Katie Sarra from her thirty years of experience drawing from her practices as an Art Psychotherapist, Artist, Playback Theatre performer, Somatic Sex Educator, and Embodiment Therapist. 

Body Poem is a revolutionary tool illuminating unknown and unspoken parts of the self from spontaneously emerging poetry honoring the self-organising intelligence inherent in every human being.

The Dreamer feels to their bodies communications and the Dream Scribe and Body Poet scribes and reads aloud the Dreamer's Body Poem as part of this alchemical experience integrating censored and exiled parts of the self into poetry that updates and enriches identity with new meaning. 

This profound and simple process supports win-win harmonious decision making with a new awareness of our hidden drivers supporting acceptance and kindness.  

This is a training for practitioners wishing to add this tool to their current practice training to be a Body Poet.

Welcoming you the Body Poem Community of Body Poets

Here you will access Body Poem trainings, research study groups and Supervision groups for Therapists, Coaches and Bodywork practitioners.

A Big Thanks

I am ever grateful for you learning the skills and practice of Body Poem for exploring the poetry in our bodies in our sleeping and waking dreams to support the integration of exiled parts of humanity into acceptance and kindness.

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